About us

Why us?

About us

Specialization guarantees the highest quality, and thus comfort. Our specialty since 1999 is to protect the environment. We know our customers' needs, both those who run small businesses, as well as those governing the protection of the environment in large corporations. We examine their needs and tailor solutions in such way that our actions always provide maximum support, but require minimal involvement from our customers.



The rules and requirements for the protection of the environment require the utmost vigilance, care, cooperation with the authorities, effective implementations. We help entrepreneurs in this field since 1999, currently, we provide services to more than 150 entities.

Effects and comfort

Our customers are looking for solutions in the field of environmental protection to ensure that, our environment is used, managed and protected in a sustainable way. Environmental outsourcing in IE Service is conducted in this manner, which is why our customers stay with us for years.

Waste brokerage

We assist our customers to find the best solutions for waste management from the economic and environmental point of view. In order to provide such solutions, we use our proprietary platform cegio.pl

Innovation and CSR

Environmental protection is our job, passion and future. We feel responsible for it and are willing to take over this responsibility from our customers. We do it all, to improve the processes related to the implementation of the provisions of the law.

For what do our Customers value us?

  • Vast experience

  • Competent in the environmental regulations

  • Cooperation with the authorities

  • Efficient and available

Joint actions

We are a member of a INVESTEKO SA Group, always together, we care about our customers.