Waste management in multiple branches,
has never been easier.

Wastes on-line

CEGIO is complementing and optimizing waste management in terms of economic and legal aspects

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CEGIO, the online exchange of waste and recyclable materials, is designed for all companies wishing to sell or buy waste. During our operation CEGIO become a portal of the recyclable waste sector, recognizable on the market, bringing together several hundreds active users. The rules of our waste exchange are simple and transparent.

IE Serwis is using CEGIO.pl as a tool to provide brokerage services for the customers.


7 steps in on-line waste management

how Cegio works

CEGIO is the portal devoted to the sector of waste and recyclable materials, used by several hundreds companies with high technical and economic potential at present. The entities cooperating with us include both companies dealing in buying recyclable materials and large commercial chains looking for innovative waste management solutions.